Unleashing Cloud-Native at the Mobile World Congress

Wednesday March 08, 2023

FusionLayer Automates Networking for the Edge Cloud Infrastructure

BARCELONA, Spain, March 01, 2023 - FusionLayer has today announced a new cloud-native network automation and IP addressing blueprint at the Mobile World Congress. Designed for some of the most advanced cloud-native 5G vRAN installations in the world, FusionLayer’s patented architecture implements the Network Source of Truth function for the Service Orchestrators (SOs) that facilitate fully automated deployment and configuration of cloud-native network functions.

"Although the Metaverse is often equated with clumsy Virtual Reality goggles and gaming, we think it will cut through the fabrics of our societies," said Juha Holkkola, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of FusionLayer. "At FusionLayer, we think the next iteration of the Internet will be all about new business models and the resulting productivity gains. With emerging enablers such as edge cloud, 5G connectivity, and artificial intelligence gaining momentum, we will soon have the infrastructure pieces in place to realize that productivity leaps."

As the telecommunications industry has embarked on the 5G journey, many critics are calling 5G technology in the search of a use case. With hyper scalers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure making inroads into the emerging edge cloud space, their infrastructure stacks and the newly built 5G connectivity are expected to converge at the network edges.

"Emerging Metaverse applications such as ChatGPT or Google’s AI will likely be scaled up using a distributed model to cater for different use cases and verticals" continued Holkkola. "Network edges with fast 5G connectivity are ideal for this because the telecoms are already operating the real estate that can host the physical cloud stacks. The only downside of the distributed model is the increased network complexity that has to be managed somehow."

The new blueprint introduced by FusionLayer eliminates the increased network complexity by abstracting all network data into a single Network Source of Truth. Once the distributed network data is managed in a unified system, FusionLayer provides Service Orchestrators with a single integration point that can be used to exchange network data, and to push IP addresses and system configurations dynamically into the automatically deployed network elements.

The blueprint can be deployed as containerized network functions, and be integrated with modern observability solutions based on popular cloud-native architectures leveraging open-source solutions such as Prometheus and Grafana.

To learn more about FusionLayer, please visit FusionLayer at the Mobile World Congress from March 1 – March 2 2023 at stand 7G41

About FusionLayer

Managing complex telecom networks is a challenge where the cost of failure is enormous. FusionLayer collates all network information into a single Network Source of Truth, accessed securely by engineers and automation to eliminate network downtime and enable new revenue streams. On-premises, at the edge, and in the public cloud.


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