Continued Growth Despite Market Turmoil: FusionLayer Appoints a New Board to Sustain Growth

Wednesday February 08, 2023

HELSINKI, Finland, February 8, 2023,  FusionLayer Inc. today announced it has appointed a new board of directors in its Annual General Meeting held on January 31, 2023. The newly appointed board consists of two re-elected members, Chairman Antti Kaihovaara and Juha Holkkola, and two entirely new members, Pekka Vartiainen, and Jyrki Berg.

“As FusionLayer more than doubled its revenue during the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2022, we are now proceeding to the next phase of our growth plan,” said Antti Kaihovaara. “Considering Pekka’s and Jyrki’s hands-on experience in developing world-class technology companies, we are excited to have both gentlemen on board with FusionLayer.”

With the recent advent of ChatGPT, technology pundits around the world have been excited about the potential productivity boost created by the new breeds of Artificial Intelligence. Combined with other emerging technology trends such as edge cloud computing and fast 5G connectivity, these technologies unleash entirely new business models.

“The latest developments in cloud computing seem to echo the early phases of the mobility paradigm when it took off some 20 years ago,” said Pekka Vartiainen. “While my years as the SVP of Nokia Networks when mobility took off taught me how to execute growth, my later years as a hands-on investor and a venture capitalist got me excited about FusionLayer. I have seen many great technology companies over the years, but rarely is their product-market fit as strategic as FusionLayer’s,” he added.

Once the edge cloud infrastructure with fast 5G connectivity is in place, there is an infinite number of new business applications that can benefit from the proximity to the users. Some industry pundits expect this to pave the way for the next iteration of the Internet, the Metaverse, which has been one of the most widely discussed topics during 2022.

“My years in the medical technology industry have taught me the power of vertical business applications,” said Jyrki Berg. “Once the next-generation business infrastructure consisting of edge clouds, 5G vRANs, and Artificial Intelligence is in place, the economic impact will be just as profound as with the original Internet. But to get there, innovative technology companies like FusionLayer will have to lay out the infrastructure blueprints first,“ he added.

To learn more about FusionLayer’s growth plans, please visit us at the Mobile World Congress from February 27 to March 2 2023 at 7G41. Meetings can be booked on our website. For further details, please visit

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Managing complex telecom networks is a challenge where the cost of failure is enormous. FusionLayer collates all network information into a single Network Source of Truth, accessed securely by engineers and automation to eliminate network downtime and to enable new revenue streams. On-premises, at the edge, and in the public cloud.

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