With roots from the Nixu Corporation in the 1990s, FusionLayer is trusted by hundreds of telecoms and enterprises with thousands of server instances across the planet.

FusionLayer automates network processes, eliminates network downtime, and provides unprecedented network visibility and scalability.

The goal of everything we do is to make network operations simpler, faster, and safer.

Mission: Critical.

FusionLayer serves many of the world's most advanced organizations, and is trusted with the availability of mission critical networks.

Airlines, military, e-commerce, cellular networks - just a few examples of industries where the cost of network downtime is extreme, and the human impact enormous.

FusionLayer increases reliability and visibility, reducing downtime.

Serving your success.

From implementation to adoption, through day-to-day operation, FusionLayer experts are at your service 24/7, providing reassurance to your network operation.

We are in the service of your success, which starts from the elimination of downtime and culminates in scaling your business.