Centralized solution for managing, configuring, and monitoring authoritative DNS services.

FL NameSurfer is a robust DNS management solution designed for telecom companies and managed service providers managing tens or even hundreds of thousands of zones in their authoritative DNS. Run by 35% of the world’s Top-20 telecom companies, NameSurfer includes many process automations and intuitive workflows for DNS zone management.

Resiliency for authoritative DNS services

DNS is a mission-critical service for telecom companies and service providers. When authoritative DNS goes down, businesses and governments become unreachable online. Based on our experience, manual mistakes in managing master zone files is a typical root cause for these outages.

FL NameSurfer is a DNS management system that automates authoritative DNS management tasks. It allows customers to monitor the performance of integrated DNS servers and to put the necessary safeguards in place to ensure that these critical services stay on.

Features at a Glance

Proprietary DNS server:

  • resiliency
  • scalability
  • security


Implements relevant DNS standards:

  • IPv4, IPv6, and dual-stack
  • ENUM and 3GPP


Solution design based on:

  • principle of Defense in Depth
  • principle of Least Privilege
  • principle of Default Deny


Distributed as software appliances:

  • a virtual machine on KVM or VMware
  • natively on physical x86 machines
  • simple software updates


Aligns with existing infrastructure:

  • NOC and monitoring processes
  • centralized back-up processes
  • SIEM systems for compliance


Scales to:

  • up to hundreds of thousands of zones
  • dozens of integrated DNS secondaries
  • dozens of concurrent administrators

Integrates with FusionLayer SD-IPAM


  • Quality of Service (QoS) with resilient auth DNS
  • Scalability for large telecom and M2M use cases
  • Fits seamlessly into multi-vendor environments
  • Reduced OPEX through streamlined management
  • Ideal for mobile use cases (ENUM, NAPTR, SNAPTR)


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