The Unified Network Source of Truth for all your network information.

Network engineers have traditionally relied on a collection of manually maintained spreadsheets and traditional IPAM tools to manage network data. These tools are being obsoleted by increasing network complexity created by hybrid cloud, edge cloud, and private 5G.

FusionLayer Infinity is the world's first Software-Defined IP Address Management (SD-IPAM) designed to replace the traditional IPAM tools and spreadsheets. By organizing all network data into a single authoritative system, it allows our customers to automate their networks while providing real-time visibility to their network engineers.

Network downtime caused by manual mistakes costs enterprises and telecom companies millions each year. FusionLayer Infinity provides the patented foundation for eliminating these costs.

On-premise, at the edge, and in the public clouds.

Unified management and provisioning.

FusionLayer Infinity has been designed for the next-generation business infrastructures. The patented solution provides a single source of truth for all network information,including subnets, VLANs, VRFs, policies, and more.

Thanks to FusionLayer Infinity's scalable solution architecture, an individual instance manages up to:

  • 100,000 subnets
  • 6,000 overlapping private network spaces
  • Millions of overlapping IP addresses
  • Dozens of overlapping VLAN spaces
  • 10+ orchestrators responsible for different service platforms

Once you are managing all network data in a unified system, you gain secure access to the data through a developer-friendly REST API.

FusionLayer Infinity Web Diagram 1
FusionLayer Infinity Web Diagram 2

Features at a Glance

Unified management system for
  • Network spaces and subnets (L3)
  • VLAN spaces and VLANs (L2)
  • IP addresses, DHCP and DNS
  • VRFs, NATs, policies, and attributes
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Enforced for GUI and API users
  • Centralized authorization
  • Centralized authentication
  • Comprehensive audit trail with undo
  • LDAP, RADIUS, PAM supported
  • Cloud-based IAM such as Okta
Powerful REST API for automation
  • Read, reserve, and release networks
  • Read, reserve, and release VLANs
  • Read, reserve, and release IPs
  • Read, write, and exchange policies
  • Read, write, and exchange configs
Scalable and flexible
  • Up to 100,000 networks
  • 5,000+ overlapping /10 spaces
  • Millions of IP addresses
  • Dozens of VLAN spaces
  • Configurable data structure
  • Accessible via GUI and REST
Deployed as a secure software appliance
  • Clustering for high availability (HA)
  • Integration with NOC, IAM, and SIEM
  • Controlled runtime, security built-in
Plug-and-play integrations with
  • FusionLayer DNS and DHCP
  • Microsoft DNS and DHCP
  • VMware Edge DHCP
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • OpenStack (Red Hat, Nokia, etc.)
  • VMware infrastructure
  • Container infrastructure
  • Ansible, SALT, Puppet, and more


Network source of truth for automation
  • Eliminate network downtime
  • Reduce operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Slash service activation lead-times
Streamline operational processes
  • Single pane of glass for network data
  • On-premise, public cloud, and edges
  • Self-service via delegations and REST
Enhanced level of security
  • State-of-the-art security architecture
  • Alignment with existing processes
  • All network data in a secured system