FusionLayer Launches a New Network Source of Truth: Setting the Stage for Customer-Centric Network-as-a-Service

Monday January 16, 2023

HELSINKI, Finland, January 16, 2023, ¾ FusionLayer Inc. unveiled the new FusionLayer Infinity 3 series today. The latest addition to the FusionLayer has been designed to accommodate the emerging edge cloud and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) use cases.

While telecom companies have been expecting investments in 5G services to boost their topline, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the introduction of 5G has not led to the immediate revenue growth that the investors were hoping for. To make up for the unexpected lack of growth in wallet share, telecoms are moving their sights to other emerging technologies.

“As emerging use cases like private 5G and vRAN are being ramped up, it seems that mobility will be driving the first wave of the edge cloud adoption,” said Juha Holkkola, Chief Executive at FusionLayer. “Moving forward, we think this will enable various Networks-as-a-Service business models that will become the ultimate 5G revenue drivers.”

With new innovative service types such as Private 5G and virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) gaining momentum, many telecoms are currently investigating the business potential of different NaaS use cases. As both of these new mobility use cases are being deployed at the edge clouds, the low-latency connectivity they add on top of the edge clouds establish an excellent platform for advanced NaaS use cases with the potential for new revenue streams:

“The network and the IP assignment processes are the cornerstones of network instantiation and service activation,” said Juha Holkkola. “While there is more than meets the eye when it comes to automating these services, what it all boils down to at the end is a robust and scalable Network Source of Truth that provides the backend for network automation. With the latest FusionLayer Infinity 3 series, we are bringing NaaS to a whole new level,“ he added.

FusionLayer Infinity 3 series is already being run in production by select telecom companies in Asia Pacific and Europe. The general availability of the solution has been scheduled for January 24th, 2023, after which qualified customers will be able to obtain proof-of-concept and production versions of the solution. For further details, please visit www.fusionlayer.com.

About FusionLayer

Managing complex telecom networks is a challenge where the cost of failure is enormous. FusionLayer collates all network information into a single Network Source of Truth, accessed securely by engineers and automation to eliminate network downtime and enable new revenue streams. On-premises, at the edge, and in the public cloud.

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