New Hybrid IT Management Solution.

Powering interoperability within public cloud & private networks.


New Hybrid Network
Management Solution.

Powering interoperability between
public cloud & private networks.

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Making Network Automation a Reality

Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and 5G mobility are key technology trends shaping our communities as we head into the 2020s. At the core of these trends lie the networks that power the digital societies.

FusionLayer helps service providers & data centers automate processes that touch networks. This is accomplished with cutting-edge technologies that function as the unified management system for all network-related information.

The future is here. At Scale. With Ease.

Hybrid Network Management

A scalable multivendor solution for service providers and data centers alike that need to simplify, manage and view all their networks in one place. The Hybrid Network Management Solution delivers real-time visibility and provisioning of all networks. Through integrated APIs and real-time provisioning to cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure, the Hybrid IT Solution makes cloud bursting a reality.

FusionLayer provides hybrid network management solutions to service providers and enterprises with many data centers. Our solutions realize the scalability and the network agility needs of tomorrow by allowing all networks to be managed and provisioned centrally. By merging popular data center technologies and public clouds with FusionLayer, you are able to:

  • Manage and provision all network silos in one place
  • Gain real-time visibility into SDN, SD-WAN and traditional networks
  • Burst and manage networks in public clouds like AWS and MS Azure
  • Minimize operating expense through automation and delegation
  • Scale up to tens of millions of objects under management

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  • Dynamic DNS DHCP & IP Provisioning
  • Centralized Monitoring/ Management
  • Automated validation of DNS DHCP configurations
  • Seamless integration with any cloud orchestration or SDN controller
  • Cloud, SDN & NFV
  • Unified network parameter provisioning
  • Any orchestrated workflow related to cloud, SDN or NFV

Telco Cloud & NFV

Gain real-time visibility and management of networks centrally. Manage overlapping tennant networks and physical network between multiple data centers and the telco cloud. Syncronize networks from SDN, NFV-Infrastruction, Virtual Infrastructure Managers and MANO. Manage and map VRFs, NATs & VLAN-VXLANs. Reduce OPEX and increase visibility and agility of networks.

FusionLayer provides network management solutions to communication service providers that run telco clouds and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). By managing all networks in one cluster, our solutions provide real-time visibility into tenant networks and offer a single provisioning point for all things network. Unleash the power of NFV with FusionLayer to:

  • Manage all tenant and data center networks in single system
  • Simplify network burst to public clouds during traffic peaks
  • Provision IP parameters to many SOs, NFV-Os and VIMs
  • Streamline operations with real-time visibility and delegations
  • Scale up to tens of millions of objects under management

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  • Virtualize DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI)
  • Eliminate CAPEX
  • Imrpove business agility
Automated DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management workflows Centralized monitoring of integrated DNS and DHCP servers Integrates with existing BIND, Microsoft AD and Nominum servers Runs as virtual machine and on native hardware Proven, scalable and versatile

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