Network connectivity and information security are the lifeblood of modern societies. The cost of not having them isn't realized until things go wrong.

Most organizations continue to manage their network data in spreadsheets and traditional IPAM solutions that date back to the 1990s and the early 2000s. While this is an excellent way to minimize cost, it opens the door to network downtime and information security breaches.

As digital transformation marches on, no organization in the world can afford the reputation and the financial losses associated with these issues. Avoiding them requires:

  • Purpose-built network solutions founded on the principles of built-in security and service clustering.
  • Role-based access control, centralized authentication, and extensive audit trails.

With roots deep in the Finnish information security community, FusionLayer solutions are secure software appliances that have been designed based on the defense-in-depth principle.

The standard features in all FusionLayer products include a hardened server stack, built-in intrusion prevention and firewalls, role-based access control, and support for centralized authentication and authorization. All FusionLayer solutions can also be HA-clustered for 99,9999% availability.

For further information on the resilient and secure network services you can implement with FusionLayer, please read more about:

Network Team Benefits

Network Engineers are no longer required to manually provide IP addresses or network assignments from Excel spreadsheets or add hosts to DNS. Infinity allows the network team to provide DevOps with a unified REST API for all their network automation needs.

Better yet, by carrying out all IP addresses and network assignments through a single system, the network team gains real-time visibility into all the networks that they are responsible for – with role-based access control and full audit trails.

DevOps Team Benefits

DevOps teams can manage network assignments, IP addresses, DNS names, and other network-related parameters via REST API. The FusionLayer API simplifies network automation and application deployment in networks across on-premise, public cloud, and edge environments.

Regardless of where a given application workload is deployed, Infinity is the one-stop for all networking related queries. This streamlines workflow development and minimizes activation lead times.

Business Benefits

By replacing outdated IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions with FusionLayer, our customers have saved multiple engineering person-years annually. This has commonly resulted in a Pay-Back Time of less than a year.

At the same time, Customers have experienced greater business agility. They are also able to comply with security standards such as PCI and best practices such as role-based access, full audit trails, and integration with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM).