Patented DNS security made simple. Ideal for use cases at the cloud edge and in your data center.

FusionLayer DNS is a powerful solution for your DNS requirements. With patented security methodology, it incorporates a proactive Intrusion Prevention System, securing your online presence.

Deployed as a software appliance, FusionLayer DNS runs on popular hypervisors at the cloud edge and on-premise. Setting up a resilient DNS service has never been this easy.

DNS security from the ground up. Guaranteed.

Since the first version of FusionLayer DNS was introduced in 2006, it has helped some of the largest Tier-1 telecom companies in the world to guarantee their online presence. Over the last 15 years, we are yet to see a customer whose DNS service would have failed because of FusionLayer DNS. It is that reliable.

FusionLayer DNS does not require complex RFPs or excessive CAPEX budgets for deployment with its subscription-based licensing model. Simply boot up a new virtual machine using our installation media, and you will be off to races in no time.

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Implements multiple DNS functions:

  • authoritative
  • recursive and caching
  • forwarding


Built-in security with embedded:

  • intrusion prevention and firewall
  • rate-limiting and source randomization
  • DNSSEC, TSIG, ACLs, and more


Solution design based on:

  • principle of Defense in Depth
  • principle of Least Privilege
  • principle of Default Deny


Distributed as a software appliance:

  • a virtual machine on KVM or VMware
  • natively on physical x86 machines
  • simple software updates


Aligns with existing infrastructure:

  • NOC and monitoring processes
  • centralized back-up processes
  • SIEM systems for compliance


Implements DNS standards:

  • dual-stack, DNS64, ENUM


  • Resilient on-premise DNS as a subscription – no CAPEX
  • Patented security and resilient solution design
  • Supports relevant standards (DNSSEC, IPv6) out of the box