According to Gartner network downtime costs 5,600 USD per minute. Manual mistakes cause 49% of network downtime.

As digital transformation continues to reshape business processes, societies become increasingly dependent on reliable network connectivity. Still, most organizations continue to manage their networks manually.

The business issues caused by these manual processes range from security issues to the inability to roll out and scale services fast enough. Instantiating new subnets or assigning other IP resources usually takes weeks or months. That is unbearable, especially when manual changes often involve mistakes that lead to network outages.

FusionLayer helps to solve these problems. Our specialists have assisted dozens of organizations set the stage for successful network automation with FusionLayer Infinity, saving them millions each year.

FusionLayer Infinity is the world’s first Software-Defined IP Address Management (SD-IPAM) solution designed for next-generation business infrastructures. It provides a single source of truth for all network information, including logical networks, VLANs, VRFs, NATs, and more. Furthermore, Infinity provides automated service architectures a Network Source of Truth where orchestrators can access their network data and policies in real-time.

Thanks to Infinity's patented solution architecture, our customers gain:

  • Visibility across all networks, including the traditional on-premise network infrastructure and the cloud edges and public clouds.
  • Network Agility by providing the network source of truth for orchestrators and network automation frameworks.
  • Security by providing the network source of truth for orchestrators and network automation frameworks.

Enterprises, telecoms, and managed service providers have created substantial financial savings thanks to FusionLayer's solutions. These savings include reduced Operating Expenses (OPEX) through process automation and the ability to eliminate network downtime caused by manual mistakes.

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Network Team Benefits

Network Engineers are no longer required to manually provide IP addresses or network assignments from Excel spreadsheets or add hosts to DNS. Infinity allows the network team to provide DevOps with a unified REST API for all their network automation needs.

Better yet, by carrying out all IP addresses and network assignments through a single system, the network team gains real-time visibility into all the networks that they are responsible for – with role-based access control and full audit trails.

DevOps Team Benefits

DevOps teams can manage network assignments, IP addresses, DNS names, and other network-related parameters via REST API. The FusionLayer API simplifies network automation and application deployment in networks across on-premise, public cloud, and edge environments.

Regardless of where a given application workload is deployed, Infinity is the one-stop for all networking related queries. This streamlines workflow development and minimizes activation lead times.

Business Benefits

By replacing outdated IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions with FusionLayer, our customers have saved multiple engineering person-years annually. This has commonly resulted in a Pay-Back Time of less than a year.

At the same time, Customers have experienced greater business agility. They are also able to comply with security standards such as PCI and best practices such as role-based access, full audit trails, and integration with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM).