Named as a Top Edge Computing Company to Watch in 2023: FusionLayer Receives an Accolade for Its Hybrid Edge Networking Vision

Tuesday September 05, 2023

HELSINKI, Finland, September 1, 2023, FusionLayer Inc. has been featured as one of the top Edge Computing companies to watch in 2023 in the latest edition of Insights Success magazine. With an impressive portfolio of 33 secured patents in major economies worldwide, FusionLayer offers unparalleled visibility, scalability, and continuity across private data centers, public clouds, and emerging multi-access edge clouds.

“FusionLayer technologies have enabled some of the most advanced telecoms and enterprises globally to implement end-to-end network automation, automate IP assignment and configuration processes, and seamlessly extend BSS/OSS automation to service activation at the network level” said Juha Holkkola, the Co-Founder and CEO of FusionLayer. “This is the stuff that the future of networking is made of.”

By utilizing FusionLayer's technologies, telecoms and enterprises can experience significant cost savings and improved business continuity. Benefits include the ability to implement end-to-end network automation, reducing service activation time from weeks to minutes, minimizing Operating Expenses (OPEX) through automating IP assignment and configuration processes, and accelerating time-to-market by extending BSS/OSS automation to service activation on the network level. These advantages translate into substantial financial savings, often reaching millions of dollars annually.

Looking to the future, FusionLayer aims to be at the forefront of the emerging multi-access edge cloud (MEC) and 5G infrastructure, supporting the growth of Artificial Intelligence and other immersive applications. As the demand for these technologies increases, FusionLayer's role in providing reliable and efficient infrastructure becomes increasingly important.

“The best way to scale out Artificial Intelligence or AI-enabled applications is to distribute them over a large number of edge computing nodes” said Juha Holkkola. “This model will rely on reliable network connectivity between all those edge nodes, which in turn will increase the network complexity quite significantly. FusionLayer mission is to simplify this complexity.”

To learn more about FusionLayer and why Insights Success magazine named FusionLayer as a Top Edge Computing Company to Watch in 2023, please read the full article here.

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FusionLayer provides patented Network Source of Truth and IP addressing solutions that lay out the automation bedrock for the network functions, intelligent devices, and business applications that connect through the next-generation edge clouds.

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