FusionLayer Simplifies Network Automation for Containers: New Success Story Published on Evertech

Tuesday January 14, 2020

HELSINKI – January 14, 2020FusionLayer today announced that Evertech has replaced its traditional IP Address Management (IPAM) platform with FusionLayer Infinity, the software-defined IPAM solution designed to simplify network automation for cloud-native service provider platforms utilizing containers.

Evertech selected the FusionLayer solution to replace its traditional IPAM platform from FusionLayer it had been running for more than five years. Before finalizing the selection Evertech evaluated alternate solutions. Based on the investigations, the company concluded that FusionLayer Infinity was the only solution that could automate the management of Evertech’s tenant networks as well as IP and DNS name assignments across its existing OpenStack-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud platform and the new cloud-native service automation framework leveraging Ansible and Kubernetes.

“Having worked with FusionLayer since 2014, when we implemented our first IaaS cloud based on OpenStack, I was already confident about their service level and the ability to help us in service automation,” said Mika Neva, Director at Evertech. “Given how satisfied we have been with their traditional IPAM technology, I was excited to see the next generation FusionLayer infinity solution and the ease at which it integrated with our new Ansible and Kubernetes stacks.”

"I was extremely pleased to hear about Evertech’s decision,” said Juha Holkkola, the Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “The Software-Defined IPAM solutions we have developed for the cloud-native world are an ideal solution for automating networking for container-based business infrastructure. With support for hybrid multi-cloud networks with VNETs and VPCs as well as traditional IPAM capabilities, it is an ideal solution for service providers and enterprises looking to upgrade their business infrastructure for the digital era of the 2020s."

The success story on Evertech has been published today and is available immediately from FusionLayer Infinity Collaterals.