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  • Software-Defined IP Address Management (IPAM)

    Cloud computing and service automation are changing the way in which applications and data are being delivered and consumed. In their effort to reap the full benefits of this paradigm shift, service providers and data centers are now realizing that the 30 year-old networking model is not living up to the elasticity demands of on-demand computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    To facilitate the on-demand IT consumption model, service providers and data centers are embarking on service automation initiatives aimed at removing the manual steps traditionally associated with application deployment and networking. As a logical outcome of this progress, organizations end up with a number of different orchestrators and controllers deployed in separated stacks with little if any interoperability between them. Yet at the same time, nearly all the automatically deployed applications, workloads and network services must co-exist inside the same networks.

    An ideal solution for service providers and data centers, FusionLayer Infinity is the world’s first Software-Defined IPAM solution designed natively for cloud computing, elastic network fabrics and IoT. Thanks to its unparalleled scalability, REST-based API and a rapidly growing ecosystem for supported third-party technologies, Infinity has been developed to bridge the interoperability gaps that exist inside and between the application and the networking silos.

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