US PTO Issues FusionLayer a Patent That Saves Companies Millions; Simplified Network Automation for SDN, SD-WAN & NaaS

Wednesday November 28, 2018

Helsinki, Finland ⎯ FusionLayer announced today that the US Patent and Trade Office (US PTO) has awarded it a new US patent no. 10,129,096 on Nov. 13, 2018. The latest addition to FusionLayer’s patent portfolio teaches a methodology for managing and provisioning networks in connection with the latest technology trends such as Software-Defined Networks (SDN), Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). With a priority date of June 12, 2012, FusionLayer believes that its latest invention will define the way in which the networks of tomorrow will be managed and provisioned.

As service providers and large enterprises are embarking on digital transformation, their ability to automate networks is often curtailed by excel spreadsheets and text files used for the management of logical networks, virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN), Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), and network policies. The increasingly popular SD-WAN, SDN, and NaaS solutions still rely on manual processes in the management of network policies and other network attributes, seriously hampering their scalability and leaving the door open to manual mistakes that lead to service outages.

FusionLayer’s flagship solution – FusionLayer Infinity – solves these challenges by automating the management and provisioning of the software-defined networks. Already run in production by some of the most innovative service providers and enterprises globally, FusionLayer believes that the patented solution solves many of the organizational and operational issues that hold back network automation initiatives around the world.

“Any automated process is only as effective as the weakest chain in the link,” stated Juha Holkkola, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “We continue to be surprised by how industry bellwethers such as Cisco, Nokia, and VMware still continue to use flat text files and excel spreadsheets to carry out mission-critical functions such as this. Scalability and continuity issues aside, a manual step in an otherwise automated process will cause the return on the network automation investment to plummet. With investments that can be in the tens or even hundreds of millions, we are talking about a lost ROI that can be measured in seven or even eight figures due to an incomplete network automation process.”

FusionLayer Infinity 2 series implements the patented methodology that allows service providers and enterprises to realize end-to-end automation in on-premise and hybrid multi-cloud environments to eliminate the lost ROI. The solution is available immediately for on-site trials carried out by qualified customers. The pricing and licensing information for FusionLayer Infinity are available upon request.