Powering VDHCP Deployments: The New FusionLayer DHCP 3 Series

Friday April 08, 2016

ESPOO, Finland, April 8, 2016, ⎯ FusionLayer, Inc. today announced the availability of FusionLayer DHCP 3 Series Software Appliance. Thanks to its native support for KVM-based virtualization, FusionLayer DHCP 3 series is an ideal solution for service providers looking for a high-performance DHCP server to be deployed as a Virtual Network Function (VNF).

Juha Holkkola, CEO of FusionLayer, commented: “Deploying DHCP as a virtualized network function has not been easy because the available appliances typically do not support KVM-based virtualization. Thanks to our patented software appliance methodology, FusionLayer DHCP can easily be templated and deployed in KVM environments. From the NFV orchestration standpoint, this means that the process for deploying a dedicated DHCP server is no different from deploying any other CentOS / RHEL –based workload.”

With built-in Intrusion Prevention and high-performance architecture that has been able to accommodate up to 2,000 LPS+ lease request load per server in production environments, FusionLayer DHCP server instances can deploy in a centralized DHCP service as well as on the network edge where it can withstand security threats without the need for external firewalls.

FusionLayer DHCP 3 Series is available immediately. Please contact our sales team for further details or a free trial. Contact Us

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