Network Transparency and Security for OS MANO: FusionLayer Introduces Support for VMware NSX

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Espoo, Finland, February 21, 2017 ⎯ FusionLayer Inc has today announced the new 2.4 series of Infinity, the world’s first and only software-defined IP Address Management (IPAM) solution designed for unified management of physical and tenant networks. This release highlights the native support for VMware NSX®, allowing the Infinity solution to automatically retrieve and display all tenant network data across multiple VMware software-defined data centers. The new functionality is a must-have feature for Communication Service Providers (CSP) ramping up Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architectures.

In October 2016, the Open Source MANO (OSM) community introduced Release ONE, designed to streamline NFV orchestration and management in telco cloud environments spanning multiple data centers. Other key innovations in Release ONE of the framework included support for adding networks to Virtual Infrastructure Managers (VIMs) and support for VMware’s NFVi and VIMs.

“Some of our customers in the CSP vertical have already implemented Release ONE in their telco cloud environments for NFV,” said Juha Holkkola, Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “While many telco clouds in the early days were geared towards open source technologies like OpenStack and OpenVIM, we are now seeing increasing traction for VMware as the NFV infrastructure vendor of choice.”

Production NFV architectures planned by large CSPs typically involve multiple cloud data centers with local NFV Infrastructures (NFVI) and VIMs. Although Open Source MANO now allows tenant networks to be deployed in the VIMs via graphical user interface or by service orchestrators, neither OSM nor the supported VIMs contain any functionality for managing network assignments or centralized visibility into the networks as a whole. This introduces operational and security issues because there is no authoritative network management system that could enforce the appropriate security policies.

Juha Holkkola continued: “FusionLayer Infinity provides the authoritative management system for all network-related data. By gathering the entire network information into a unified system, service providers can introduce access control and audit trails for security compliance; provision free networks to integrated VIMs either manually or automatically via Service Orchestrators; and to gain real-time visibility into all networks – both physical and virtual – across the entire NFV architecture.”

“Network Function Virtualization adoption and rollout is expanding rapidly across communications service providers around the globe, introducing the need to support more sophisticated scenarios in distributed virtual architectures,” said Gabriele Di Piazza, Vice President, Products and Solutions, Telco NFV Group, VMware. “We are glad to see FusionLayer deepening interoperability with the VMware stack to help customers in the telecom and NFV industries.”

FusionLayer will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, from February 27, 2017 – to March 2, 2017, to showcase its latest innovation. To reserve a meeting with the FusionLayer team, please send a contact request to FusionLayer.

About FusionLayer
FusionLayer specializes in Software-Defined IP Address Management (SD-IPAM) solutions designed to simplify your networked world. Based on patented technologies that provide x25 performance advantage over competing solutions, FusionLayer furnishes CSPs with unified network visibility and API-based provisioning capability for all network-related resources. Through industry partnerships, 9 out of the world’s 10 largest service providers leverage FusionLayer.

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