Introducing Support for Cisco APIC and Nuage: New FusionLayer Infinity 2.2 Series Ships

Friday January 22, 2016

ESPOO, Finland, January 22, 2016, ⎯ FusionLayer, Inc. has today announced the general availability of the Infinity 2.2 series. The development of the latest version has been carried out in collaboration with three pilot customers focusing on service automation and next-generation architectures that involve cloud and Software-Defined Networks (SDN).

The third-party technologies used in these pilots have come from Microsoft, Cisco, HPE, Nuage, and VMware. To fulfill its agnostic technology vision of bridging applications and networks, one of the key areas in developing the Infinity 2.2 series has been the integration between the different next-generation technologies used in the pilot environments. As a completely new feature, FusionLayer Infinity 2.2 now introduces plug-and-play integration with Cisco APIC and Nuage VSD.

“Neither spreadsheets nor traditional IPAM solutions can cater to the needs of service providers and data centers that operate at scale,” said Juha Holkkola, the Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “As the key differentiators of FusionLayer Infinity are ease of use, ease of integration, and unparalleled scalability, our proposition has resonated really well with service providers and data centers that operate at scale.”

As the managed services and cloud space competition intensifies, the companies competing in this space expect to differentiate their services through reduced delivery times and service agility that automation can create. As an automated service workflow is only as quick as its weakest link, service providers have found that the traditional IPAM and DDI solutions do not cut the mustard.

“Our customers operating at scale have often looked at traditional IPAM solutions from competing vendors,” Juha Holkkola continued. “What they have discovered is that to meet the performance requirements, they would have to deploy several separate IPAM instances. This is not feasible because service automation involving multiple IPAM instances is nothing more than a big mess.”

FusionLayer Infinity 2.2 is available for eligible customers as of today. Please Contact Us for further details.

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