FusionLayer Re-Positions for Edge Cloud and Automation: Launches a Refreshed Brand to Solidify Its Technology Leadership

Tuesday February 23, 2021

HELSINKIFebruary 22, 2021 FusionLayer has launched a refreshed brand to solidify its technology leadership within the edge cloud and the network automation realms. With analyst companies like Gartner and Analysys Mason now identifying Network Source of Truth (NSOT) as the critical piece of successful network automation initiatives, the goal of the brand refresh is to better position FusionLayer as the technology leader in this emerging market space.

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of resilient network infrastructure for today's enterprises and telecommunication companies. As remote-working, e-learning, and online entertainment have become the norm during 2020-2021, networks' critical role for the well-being of societies has become an undisputed fact.

At the same time, most organizations continue to manage networks using manual processes that date back to the late 90s and the early 00s. Manual processes create both information security and continuity risks that the pandemic has dramatically elevated and should no longer be tolerated. In response, the technology industry has introduced new solutions such as cloud edge, private 5G, and network automation to bring the reliability and the security of the networks to the 2020s.

"The Network Source of Truth technology that FusionLayer has pioneered and patented worldwide is critical for successful cloud edge and network automation initiatives," stated Juha Holkkola, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of FusionLayer. "As the majority of our customer interactions have moved from in-person meetings to online engagements since the pandemic started, we consider it as our duty to deliver the FusionLayer value-proposition as concisely as possible to the customers that we serve."

The refreshed FusionLayer brand is now in production at www.fusionlayer.com.

About FusionLayer

Managing complex corporate and telecom networks is a challenge where the cost of failure is enormous. FusionLayer collates all network information into a single Network Source of Truth, accessed securely by both engineers and automation to eliminate the chance of network downtime – on-premise, at the edge, and in the public cloud. This provides our customers with reassuring real-time information, so their digitalized operations can connect 24x7x365.