FusionLayer Unleashes Connectivity in New York City: Publishes New Success Story on Younity.io

Wednesday May 26, 2021

HELSINKI – May 26, 2021FusionLayer today announced it has successfully delivered edge DHCP services for Younity.io. Younity.io, a cutting-edge wireless service provider for residential and commercial buildings in New York City, is now powered by FusionLayer’s software-defined network technology allowing building owners and their tenants in New York to embrace digital transformation.

Younity.io selected the FusionLayer solution to centrally manage and scale their wireless service offering in multiple-use buildings in New York City. Before finalizing the selection, Younity.io evaluated alternate solutions for edge deployments. Based on the investigations, the company concluded that FusionLayer Infinity + DHCP was the only solution capable of supporting their mission at the required scale.

“Considering our exponential growth forecasts, reliability and scalability with minimal effort is a mandatory requirement for us,” said Ahiya Zadok, Director at Younity. “We researched a handful of different vendors for what we needed, and FusionLayer was the only one to check all the boxes. After deciding to go with FusionLayer, we were able to have centralized management and a highly available service up and running in a matter of days.”

“Younity.io’s mission to provide blazingly fast and reliable network connectivity across New York City is intriguing,” said Juha Holkkola, the Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “As network connectivity has become the lifeblood of modern societies, we are thrilled about the opportunity to support the everyday lives of the people of the iconic New York City. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

The success story on Younity has been published today and is available immediately from FusionLayer Infinity collaterals.

About FusionLayer

Managing complex corporate and telecom networks is a challenge where the cost of failure is enormous. FusionLayer collates all network information into a single Network Source of Truth, accessed securely by both engineers and automation to eliminate the chance of network downtime – on-premise, at the edge, and in the public cloud. This provides our customers with reassuring real-time information, so their digitalized operations can connect 24x7x365.