FusionLayer Joins Red Hat Partner Program; Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

Monday August 27, 2018

Helsinki, Finland ⎯ FusionLayer today announced that it has joined the Red Hat ecosystem as a RedHat ISV partner. The Red Hat cloud solutions supported by FusionLayer include OpenStack and Ansible. These two open-source solutions are quickly becoming the industry standard by powering digital transformation at enterprises and service providers worldwide.

The technology partnership between the two companies stems from the positive experiences of customers running Red Hat cloud solutions and FusionLayer Infinity – the Software-Defined IPAM solution – side by side. These environments are often additionally complemented by Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). A combination of these technologies results in a blueprint architecture that allows IT organizations to bridge the gap between next-generation hybrid cloud environments and the more traditional business infrastructure.

Based on recent surveys, IDC is predicting that two-thirds of Global 2000 enterprise CEOs will put digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy by 2020. In order for the digital transformation initiatives to be successful, these organizations will have to deploy a next-generation business infrastructure to enable the agile business processes of tomorrow. This, in turn, calls for automated Information Technology (IT) platforms that are not only capable of scaling in and out, but also across on-premise data centers and multiple public clouds.

FusionLayer Infinity is a Software-Defined IP Address Management (IPAM) solution designed for these next-generation IT platforms. By implementing a patented management and provisioning system for all network-related data, large enterprises and service providers are able to introduce network visibility and agility across their private data centers as well as virtual private clouds. As networking continues to be one of the IT silos that create an automation bottleneck, automating these functions improves the financial returns of cloud and automation investments across the board.

“Red Hat has been doing a stellar job, empowering digital transformation,” stated Juha Holkkola, the Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “By combining Red Hat’s automation and cloud technologies with FusionLayer Infinity, both enterprises and service providers will be able to reduce their Operating Expense (OPEX) while boosting the financial return of their entire automation investment.”

The latest FusionLayer Infinity version supports Red Hat OpenStack from Liberty onward, and the Infinity Playbook for Ansible has been included since the Ansible 2.4 release back in October of 2017.