Unified Network Management
Software Defined IPAM for Multivendor Network Environments including SDN & NFVFusionLayer's Software-Defined IPAM Multivendor Network Infrastructure Diagram

Unified Network Management

A scalable multivendor solution for service providers and data centers alike.

Traditional network architectures dating back to the 1980s are too monolithic to satisfy the agility requirements of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). To facilitate the on-going networking paradigm shift and the resulting explosion in the number of IP addresses, service providers and data centers have moved their sights to Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

While making the transition from the legacy networks to the new IP, a number of complexities are likely to emerge. These involve for example the following:

Managing network allocations. SDN networks will often be deployed inside network blocks that already include traditional subnets in production, or involve overlap between elastic and traditional network spaces. To make sure that the network assignments to the SDN controllers will not cause issues, organizations need efficient tools to manage the allocation of the network spaces.

Managing relationships between networks. Large networks have a number of dependencies that need to be recorded carefully. Dependencies between private networks and NAT, mappings between overlay and underlay networks such as MPLS and VRF, VLAN-VXLAN tunnels, and IPv4-IPv6 mappings are just some examples of the relationships that must be managed diligently in dynamic network environments.

Integration with SDN controllers.Migration of existing network blocks and subnets into an authoritative software-defined IPAM solution allows customers to produce listings of free subnets available to them. When integrated with SDN controllers or directors, network activation can be as simple as selecting a free subnet from a network report and defining a binding to a given SDN. The rest of the process is automated away.

FusionLayer delivers extremely scalable software-defined IPAM solutions that come with plug-and-play support for popular cloud stacks and elastic network fabrics. Thanks to its flexible data structure designed for the next generation of elastic network fabrics, FusionLayer Infinity is used to manage the dynamic relationships between the different network types. Through integration with popular SDN fabrics, it allows these powerful network insights to be used as part of the network activation process.

Please see FusionLayer Infinity or contact our sales team for details.




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