Cloud Stacks and Elastic Networks
Software Defined IPAM for Cloud & NFV OrchestratorsCloud/Application delivery and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), through Software-Defined IPAM (IP Address Management) Solution.

Cloud Stacks and Elastic Networks

Provision multiple cloud orchestrators & elastic network fabrics through one solution.

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and data centers have initiated their service automation journey by automating the deployment of virtualized server workloads. As the said architecture involves only one orchestrator used to deploy resources inside a given subnet, provisioning appropriate IP addresses, names and other release parameters has insofar been a relatively simple task.

However, as soon as the implementation of elastic cloud stacks and service automation workflows kicks the second gear, the complexity associated with network management and provisioning increases significantly:

Migration to Software-Defined Networks (SDN). Most SDN initiatives start from elastic pilot networks. Although the legacy networks will be migrated to elastic network fabrics over time, this transition is likely to take several years. While the migration is on-going, the orchestrators dedicated for given workflows must be able to obtain release parameters from a single authoritative source regardless of whether the network resource is elastic, legacy, IPv4 or IPv6.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). To ensure an optimal delivery of the applications running on virtualized workloads, NFV is used to set up and to configure virtualized network functions (VNF) on the fly. In practice, this involves the deployment of a second orchestrator that must be able to retrieve release parameters from the networks the applications run in.

Multiple Cloud Stacks. Next-generation data center roadmaps involve a mix of proprietary and open technologies. Although the orchestrators used in connection with different cloud stacks are often managed separately, the underlying networks become a shared resource. Efficient management and provisioning of these resources require a unified network provisioning and management framework functioning as the authoritative data source.

FusionLayer delivers extremely scalable Software-Defined IPAM solutions that come with plug-and-play support for popular cloud stacks and elastic network fabrics. Thanks to the state-of-the-art REST API included in the solution, our solutions can also be easily integrated with practically any service automation architecture – whether proprietary or open source.

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