Hybrid IT
Hybrid Cloud IT ArchitectureCloud/Application delivery and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), through Software-Defined IPAM (IP Address Management) Solution.

Hybrid IT

Unified network management, enabling management of traditional, on-premise SDN and public cloud networks centrally. Cloud bursting with Amazon AWS integration. Integrate with physical switches. Store Network CMDB for Service Orchestration. Scale up x25 with a highly scalable HA architecture.

Hybrid IT has been gaining in popularity due to the success of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and regional IaaS clouds operated by Managed Service Providers (MSP) and telecommunication companies. By automating the deployment of application workloads across public cloud services and on-premise data centers using technologies such as Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), enterprises are able to realize significant CAPEX savings while introducing entirely new levels of service agility. FusionLayer Infinity offers the best-in-class agility and OPEX savings to these types of environments.

While LSO solutions nowadays support multiple hypervisors and public cloud services, they are first and foremost focused on building and deploying business applications. Before the application workloads or containers can be released, they must be configured with release parameters such as IP addresses and names. These release parameters allow the applications to network once released on the hypervisor or the container platform. This critical part of application release is not addressed by popular LSO solutions. Infinity simplifies and automates the release parameter provisioning process, allowing the applications to be deployed in real-time.

Another operational issue slowing down hybrid IT implementations is the inability to manage and view all networks in a simple way. While some traditional DDI vendors would like their customers to manually deploy and configure virtual appliances in connected cloud segments, this process is likely to take weeks in a typical large enterprise. By the time the core network services have been activated, the business need for bursting into the public cloud may have already passed. With FusionLayer these weeks are reduced to minutes and cloud bursting shifts from concept to reality.

Furthermore, to simplify networking in hybrid IT environments, FusionLayer allows all networks to be managed and activated within a single unified solution. Whether new networks are to be activated in a Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) segment or in a SDN-fabric running in-house, our solutions allow suitable private network segments to be identified and activated with just a few clicks. This ability introduces several benefits for hybrid IT environments such as:

Unified Network Management

The FusionLayer solutions allows all networks, traditional, on-premise SDN and public cloud, to be managed neatly in one place. Unified network management also makes it easier to comply with best practices and security policies by introducing a standardized authorization, authentication and audit trails for all changes made to the logical networks.

Reduced Costs

As customers do not have to acquire separate virtual appliance licenses for public clouds, they are able to save money while speeding up the network activation process. As an added bonus, the FusionLayer solution also improves the automation level and service agility offered by LSO. Together this translates to both CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Speed & Visibility

By managing all networks and IP parameters within a unified solution, our customers are able to establish real-time visibility into all tenant networks within the their hybrid cloud environments and to easily map the links between them. This equates to simplicity and visibility at the speed of business. As workloads become automated, real-time visibility is essential.

To leverage FusionLayer for an optimal operational outcome, our product team will be happy to organize a free consultancy session to identify the optimal architecture for your business needs. To schedule a time click the contact us button below.


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