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Company News

Tieto Uses Nixu Software to Make On-Demand Application Delivery

Nixu’s Technology Allows Leading IT Services Company to Reduce Implementation Time From Two Weeks to Three Minutes

Nixu Software, the cloud application deployment company today announced the release of a case study featuring Tieto, a leading IT services company in Europe. With the implementation of Nixu's solution for automated Application Delivery, Tieto reduced the application deployment lead-time from two weeks to three minutes, making Tieto Cloud Server the world’s fastest cloud service experience.

Tieto, has made considerable investments in building world-class data centers, orchestration systems and cloud infrastructure. The only obstacle preventing it from delivering a truly on-demand cloud service experience was the existing manual process associated with release parameter provisioning. Tieto was able to remove this bottleneck with the help of Nixu Cloud IP Suite, which seamlessly integrated with its existing infrastructure. With the automation of this last phase completed, Tieto was able to publicly launch the Tieto Cloud Server in November 2012, setting industry benchmarks for automated and speedy cloud application deployment workflow.

“By implementing Nixu’s Cloud IP Suite, we were able to greatly reduce the time it takes to assign network settings for application deployment,” said Pasi Sutinen, technical director at Tieto. “Our lead-time went from two weeks to three minutes. We can now say we’re truly providing on-demand services.”

The strategic decision to choose Nixu Cloud IP Suite over the offerings of other prominent DDI vendors, allowed Tieto to achieve the following benefits:

  • Fastest IaaS cloud service today
  • Minimizing release parameter provisioning operating expenses through automation
  • Providing enterprise customers with restricted access to their own networks in the IaaS cloud
  • Incremental revenues and improved service to large enterprise customers via IPAM SaaS service

To find out more, please read the full case study available here.


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