Company News

Company News

Nixu Merges SDN and IPAM with NameSurfer 7.5

Enabling Full Automation of Network Provisioning into SDN Controllers

Nixu Software today has released Nixu NameSurfer 7.5 series, the first generally available IP Address Management (IPAM) solution bringing Software-Defined Networks (SDN), traditional Microsoft Active Directory (AD) networks and cloud orchestration into a unified management system. Targeted at data centers looking to start the gradual migration towards SDN-enabled and IPv6 networking, the solution offers several key benefits designed to reduce the operating expenses (OPEX) in agnostic multi-vendor environments.

Key Benefits of NameSurfer 7.5:

  • Support for binding networks with OpenStack’s Neutron module for automated SDN-enablement
  • OpenStack client facilitating simple integration between cloud orchestration and IPAM
  • Automation tool for converting IPv4 networks into IPv6 networks

The idea of SDN’s and cloud convergence is quickly becoming a reality. As part of the research process, which led to the development of Nixu NameSurfer 7.5 series, Nixu Software works closely with cloud provider and data center customers to gain an in-depth understanding of how SDN initiatives will impact their customers.

''Having experienced significant growth in our SaaS and IaaS offerings, we are always on the lookout for automation technologies that allows our business to scale efficiently without increases in our headcount.'', said Mika Neva, director at Evertech. ''Thanks to our collaboration with Nixu Software, we have been able to unlock the potential of our cloud platform leveraging OpenStack and are excited to expand the automation to SDN.

''Customer success has always been the single most important thing to us,'' said Juha Holkkola, managing director of Nixu Software. ''Until now, most vendors involved with elastic data centers have been focusing on proprietary stacks that have been designed for greenfield environments. The beauty of NameSurfer 7.5 is that it supports multi-vendor solutions in both new and legacy environments,'' he added.



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