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Company News

Nixu Makes Quantum Leap: Unlocking the Cloud Stacks

Unveiling an Architecture that Bridges Cloud Orchestration, SDN and Legacy Networks

The growing popularity of Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) has given rise to an increased competition amongst vendors offering vertically integrated cloud stacks. Meanwhile, customers concerned about vendor lock-ins and new SDDC architectures designed for greenfield deployments are wondering how SDDC and Software Defined Networking (SDN) fit in with their existing network environments. In a recently released whitepaper, Nixu Software outlines its unique architecture that bridges cloud orchestration, SDN and the management of traditional networks with an innovative multivendor layer welding the old and the new together.


''Working closely with organizations that experiment with cloud orchestration and SDN, we have invariably seen how important it is to be able to manage also the existing networks, IP addresses and names in a single place'' said the Managing Director of Nixu Software, Juha Holkkola. ''The fact is that existing networks, SDN and IPv6 will co-exist for years to come, so focusing on either the traditional or the new is simply not going to cut it. What the industry now needs is horizontal ties between incumbent and emerging industry standards such as Microsoft Active Directory and OpenStack'' he added.

As outlined in the whitepaper, horizontal integration between cloud orchestration, SDN and existing network environments involves

  • Managing all address blocks and networks centrally in a single centralized system regardless of whether they are legacy, SDN or IPv6
  • Automating the network provisioning so that when a new network is selected from the centralized management system, it is automatically activated in the SDN-enabled network
  • Integrating cloud orchestration into the centralized management system in order to automatically provision suitable IP addresses, names and other network parameters to the applications included in the virtualized workloads.

To find out more about how Nixu Software makes smooth multi-vendor cloud integration possible, please refer to the whitepaper "Horizontal Integration – Unlocking the Cloud Stack".



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