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Company News

Enabling IPAM SaaS for Cloud Providers

Nixu Software has today released the new Nixu NameSurfer 7.4 Series providing a number of IP Address Management (IPAM) features and enhancements designed for cloud-based IPAM initiatives. Thanks to its unique set of functionalities, Nixu NameSurfer 7.4 series is an ideal solution for service and cloud providers looking to launch managed DNS and IP Address Management services for their enterprise and SMB customers.

Nixu NameSurfer 7.4 Series introduces the following features:

  • New IP Address Management features designed for an IPAM SaaS service
  • Improved user and access management settings based on Requests for Enhancements submitted by service providers
  • New pay-as-you-go licensing model for qualified service providers.

''Large number of service providers are starting to look beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service in an effort to introduce new value-added services to their business customers'' said the Managing Director of Nixu Software, Juha Holkkola. ''The latest version of Nixu NameSurfer has been developed based on the feedback we have received from our service provider customers. In addition to technology and features, we have transformed the insights we received into a new business model available to qualified service providers.''


Find out more about Nixu NameSurfer Suite and download a free 30-day trial.


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