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Manual Provisioning is Affecting Scalability of IaaS Cloud Services

Nixu Software Finds Manual Steps are Still the Norm in Cloud Provisioning

As the race to the public cloud gains momentum, an increasing number of service providers and ICT houses are setting up virtual private clouds in order to sell Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to their enterprise customers. However, according to a survey of 102 service providers conducted by Nixu Software, a staggering 84.3% continue to sit on the fence as far as fully automated cloud service provisioning is concerned. The results indicate the majority of cloud providers still rely on manual steps in their application deployment and network orchestration workflows, which directly affect the scalability of IaaS cloud services.

Current Status of Fully Automated Workflows:

In live production

Implementation stage

Investigation stage

Not yet considering






"It’s not surprising to hear that enterprises are slow to adopt a cloud computing initiative, but we were astounded to find out less than 16% of service providers surveyed have taken steps to fully automate their cloud application deployment process," said Juha Holkkola, managing director of Nixu Software. "Enterprises need service providers to drive their IaaS and virtual private cloud initiatives but currently have only a handful of providers to choose from."

Key Findings:

  • Fully automated application deployment and network orchestration workflows continue to be the source of competitive advantage to the pioneers and early adopters
  • Commercial cloud automation gain serious momentum during 2013 and 2014 as new IaaS cloud solutions from major ICT solution providers become mainstream

The survey revealed two major obstacles faced by service providers in their public cloud efforts. These included lack of leadership and inter-departmental politics between the network infrastructure team. To alleviate these issues, Nixu recommends that organizations set clear public cloud strategies and evaluate the existing team boundaries to facilitate effective leadership for these initiatives.

"As the IaaS cloud market builds up, we expect the associated virtual private cloud model to be one of the key drivers among the business users" said Holkkola. "This calls for fully automated application deployment and network orchestration workflows which allow business users to seamlessly tap into the additional computing capacity. Thanks to productised solutions and zero CAPEX business models, significant investments will no longer be required."

Nixu Software carries out IaaS cloud automation surveys as part of its business operations. For details on the topic, please visit our solution for automated Application Delivery.

Update: Latest Survey (link)


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