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Company News

SAGE-AU Deploys FusionLayer

Embracing IPv6

February 04, 2015
FusionLayer, Inc. welcomes SAGE-AU, the Australian non-profit association of system administrators, to our roster of well-recognized service providers. Established in 1993, the non-profit has laid forth their mission to assist system administrators in their day-to-day work by providing necessary services

Gearing up for a full-scale IPv6 rollout, SAGE-AU is running Nixu NameSurfer, FusionLayer’s IPAM offering, to manage its dual-stack DNS. This involves both in-house management and a hosted offering involving a self-service management portal extended to members. SAGE-AU also expects to become a Local Internet Registrar (LIR), leveraging our IPAM capabilities in managing the delegations of /48 allocations offered at its members.

“In the near future, FusionLayer will be utilized to manage our IPv6 address space. This is one part of our program aimed at encouraging uptake of IPv6 in the community,” mentioned President of SAGE-AU Robert Hudson. “After integrating FusionLayer into our IPv6 address space, the next step will be to enable members to manage their own DNS zones and other aspects of their IPv6 allocations,” added Hudson.

“We are delighted to see an increasing uptake on IPv6 networking initiatives” said Juha Holkkola, Chief Executive at FusionLayer, Inc. “When organizations such as SAGE-AU become serious about IPv6, you know that dual-stack networks are not far from becoming mainstream. Having implemented our first dual-stack DNS environment as early as 2002, we are well positioned to support the industry in moving forward with their IPv6 initiatives,” added Holkkola.


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