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Company News

Gartner Names FusionLayer as the Go-To Vendor for Cloud & Managed Service Providers

May 14, 2014
In their latest 2015 Market Guide for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI), Gartner has listed FusionLayer, Inc. as one of the 10 key players in the DDI market space. The latest Market Guide also names FusionLayer as the go-to vendor for the Managed Service Provider and the Cloud use-cases, highlighting automation, ease of use and extensive support for third-party integrations as FusionLayer’s key differentiators.

In their 2015 Market Guide, Gartner also validates FusionLayer’s technology vision by sighting DNS security, integration with automated service architectures, and Internet of Things (IoT) as key trends impacting the DDI solutions going forward. The 2015 Market Guide can be found here.

”As the company that pioneered active DNS firewall product category, DDI virtualization and API-based integration with next-generation service architectures, we are pleased that also Gartner has now validated our long-term technology vision,” said Juha Holkkola, Chief Executive of FusionLayer.

Other DDI players are also starting to feel the impact of the paradigm shift that FusionLayer has positioned itself for. Recent developments involve DDI juggernaut Infoblox having just replaced Stuart Bailey, the company founder and Chief Technical Officer for 15 years, with a new CTO who reportedly has a better grasp on software.

”As the paradigm shift in networking accelerates, we expect that DDI market as classified by Gartner will undergo some rather dramatic changes. There will certainly be some market consolidation as Gartner pointed out, but we also think that the different pieces of DDI will be scattered across several different next-generation architectures,” continued Mr. Holkkola. ”How well companies, that have built their fortunes on an old-fashioned DDI-in-a-Pizza-Box (DDiaPB) concept, will be able to survive this transition remains to be seen.”


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