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Company News

Nixu Adds Software-Defined IP Address Management (IPAM) into IBM PureFlex Showcase Data Center

Statement of Fact June 30th 2014

Integration facilitates interoperability between IBM PureFlex System and Microsoft AD services, VMware virtualization environments and Cisco network equipment. IBM PureFlex combines compute, storage, networking and virtualization capabilities under a single unified management console into an infrastructure system that is an expert at sensing and anticipating the resource needs in your data center.

By deploying Nixu Software’s third generation IP Address Management (IPAM) and network discovery products into IBM PureFlex’s Showcase Data Center, IBM has been able to introduce a vendor agnostic layer into its elastic data center stack performing the following functions:

  • Automated discovery of data center networks and the clients accessing them
  • Centralized management of public and private networks and their metadata
  • Automated real-time name provisioning into Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Centralized management of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) networks
  • Optional support for API-based release parameter provisioning (e.g. names, IP addresses) for cloud orchestration
  • Optional support for managing networks with SDN via OpenStack’s Neutron module

Sharing IBM’s holistic view on the data center, the IPAM solution developed by Nixu Software introduces a vendor agnostic SDN and Cloud Fusion layer into the elastic data center fabric. By enabling integration with practically any cloud orchestration solution through its patent-pending Application Programming Interface (API), Nixu has introduced a new layer to elastic infrastructure that allows customers to run IBM PureFlex System alongside solutions by third-party vendors.

Download PDF version here: Nixu Integrates with IBM PureFlex


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