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Nixu DHCP Server 2.7 Released

Nixu Software has February 18, 2014 made a public release of Nixu DHCP Server 2.7 series. The latest release focuses on DHCP security by introducing a new Graphical User-Interface (GUI) that can be used to manage customer configurations for the built-in firewall. Version 2.7 also introduces a number of other features designed for large service provisioning environments such as enhanced multi-interface support and new options for DHCP failover configuration.

''As a response to an ever increasing number of nework attacks, our service provider customers are increasingly using customized firewall configurations to align with their security policies'' said Juha Holkkola, Managing Director of Nixu Software. ''Having pioneered the built-in firewalls, proactive intrusion prevention and rate-limiting in DNS servers already several years ago, we now think it’s a good time to introduce a new DHCP security model setting the example for other DDI vendors.''

Nixu DHCP Server 2.7 series is immediately available for download here.


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