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Company News

Nixu and NetIQ Introduce the Fastest Cloud Experience Ever

Nixu Software and NetIQ have today announced a joint solution leveraging Nixu Cloud IP Suite and NetIQ Cloud Manager, combining the best characteristics of both the private and public cloud. This new solution provides the fastest cloud service ever to enterprise customers of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Thanks to the fully automated application deployment workflow orchestrated with NetIQ, customers running the solution can now minimize the time-to-market for cloud services.

The joint solution is made available to MSPs through a usage-based licensing model that involves zero capital expense. By utilizing this innovative business model, MSPs can unleash the power of the cloud to leverage their existing infrastructure investment within a matter of weeks, without having to assume the traditional business risks associated with licensing models requiring significant up-front investments.

Benefits of the Nixu Cloud IP Suite and NetIQ Cloud Manager Joint Solution:

  • Automates application deployment end-to-end, unleashing the power of cloud services
  • Provides a single platform for creating, managing and consuming workloads in the cloud
  • Transforms the application delivery chain by automating release parameter provisioning
  • Makes IaaS cloud service a fast scaling profit driver with minimal business risk


Already run in full-scale production by two major MSPs based in Europe, Nixu and NetIQ are expecting a rapid expansion of the installed base globally. The joint solution is available immediately.

''Most managed service providers still rely on Excel spreadsheets and traditional DDI solutions that are not compatible with multitenant cloud environments and fully automated workflows,'' said Juha Holkkola, managing director of Nixu Software. ''Some of our customers have spent several man-years in an effort to integrate their existing spreadsheets or other DDI solutions with application deployment workflows, only to find out that it is in fact impossible. Thanks to native support for Nixu included in NetIQ Cloud Manager, and our patent-pending methodology for provisioning release parameters, automating the last manual step in the cloud application deployment workflow has never been this easy.''

To find out more about this joint solution, please read the free white paper, Unleashing the Power of Cloud.


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