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FusionLayer, Inc. & Adnet Strategic Partnership:

Delivering Next Generation Network Solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers

Sydney, Australia,  ⎯ FusionLayer and Adnet today announced, that Adnet Technology Australia will represent FusionLayer as a local reseller for the Australia and New Zealand regions. Adnet will manage sales, integration and technical support for the local markets, streamlining service delivery and customer support making it easier and more efficient for FusionLayer’s local customers.

business gears stock photo To date, multiple Australian organizations are enjoying the benefits of FusionLayer products and will also be able to leverage this new partnership. Additionally, as the industry continues the shift towards Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and multi-cloud environments, this strategic partnership will enable organizations across Australia and New Zealand to accelerate their next-generation networks.

“We are excited to join forces with such a strategic systems integrator partner.” stated Teemu Sorvisto, the Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “Adnet’s experience and knowledge around next-generation IT architectures, will enable them to implement our solutions in the key environments that will benefit our customers the most. In turn, they will be able to deliver exceptional first tier support simplifying the entire procurement process for customers in the region.”

Adnet will be delivering and supporting FusionLayer products and solutions that will enable automation and zero-touch network provisioning for multi-tenant, multi-cloud and multi- vendor data center environments. This possibility is enabled by FusionLayer’s patented technologies and REST API allowing integration with market leading private clouds, public clouds, SDN, cloud orchestrators, and DevOps solutions, as well as physical network devices.

“We couldn’t be more honoured to represent such an industry leading and trend setting IT software development company in Australia and New Zealand. Having seen and used the FusionLayer core offering, and first-hand knowledge of the complexity of the ever-changing landscape of Information Technology in our region, Adnet firmly believes we can eradicate network complexity and provide a smooth transition to this New Age of IT.” said Daniel Wyld, the General Manager of Adnet Technology Australia.

He went on to mention, “Infinity by FusionLayer is a product to watch, current capabilities are outstanding and with the ever growing integration possibilities, it combines multiple complex systems to a Single Pane of Glass. Adnet is eager to deliver Infinity across the region.”

About FusionLayer, Inc.

FusionLayer, Inc.FusionLayer is the provider of patented IT network management and automation solutions for enterprises, operators, service providers and other organizations with data centers, which enable the organizations to save operating expenses and minimize error prone manual tasks in IT networking and data center operations.

For over ten years already, FusionLayer's customers globally have been able to control and activate their networks effortlessly and in real-time across private data centers, private clouds and public clouds. Nine out of 10 of the world’s largest service providers leverage FusionLayer.

About Adnet Technology Australia

Adnet Technology Australia Adnet delivers IT infrastructure solutions with reliability, flexibility and a can-do attitude. The solutions we offer are best of breed, built on our learning’s, our wins and our failures. Our pragmatic approach to service delivery supports key businesses across diverse industries and scale.

We value collaboration, with you, our customer because we care about your business, more than any individual transaction.  This approach forms the basis of a long-term relationship, leading to more business for us and a better business outcome for you.

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