Directors and Advisors

Directors & Advisors

Teemu Sorvisto

Teemu Sorvisto — Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Teemu Sorvisto is the Chief Executive of FusionLayer, Inc. Teemu has more than 15 years of experience in multinational technology companies and start-ups, leading organizations and business functions across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Before joining FusionLayer, Teemu has been working in various business management roles for organizations such as Nokia, F-Secure, BlackBerry and JunoTele.

Juha Holkkola

Juha Holkkola — Co-Founder & Chief Technologist
Juha Holkkola is the Co-Founder & Chief Technologist of FusionLayer, Inc. As an inventor with several patents in the US and Europe, he has a keen interest for technology concepts with tangible operational impact. Juha is an active advocate of emerging technology trends such as cloud computing, SDN and NFV. He is also a regular speaker at various industry events.

Nora Denzel

Nora Denzel — Advisor
Nora Denzel is an advisor to the Board for FusionLayer, Inc. Nora currently serves as a board member at Ericsson and AMD. She has been named one of the 10 leading women in IT by CIO Magazine and one of the top 25 women engineers by Business Insider. She has also held leading positions in companies such as HPE, IBM, OuterWall and Dell EMC.

Ville Skogberg

Ville Skogberg — Advisor
Ville Skogberg is an advisor to the Board for FusionLayer, Inc. Ville has more than 15 years experience in the ICT-industry with a strong background in business practices, finance and economics. His most prestigious achievement is associated with Nebula Oy where as a co-founder and CEO he turned a startup into a profitable 28 million euro annual revenue company with more than 130 employees.

Marko Kauppi

Marko Kauppi – Chairman of the Board
Marko Kauppi is the Chairman of the Board for FusionLayer, Inc. Marko has had 20 years experience in finance and private equity. He is the Managing Director at SPV Investments Oy and Tenendum Ltd, privately owned Finnish investment companies with a focus on cybersecurity and innovative product companies focusing on next-generation technologies.

Arto Karila

Arto Karila – Non-executive Director
Arto Karila is a member of the Board for FusionLayer, Inc. Arto is a professor emeritus of Helsinki University of Technology and an expert in TCP/IP Networking with 30 years of experience in network connectivity, network security and technology consulting. He has worked on major network projects with multiple large service providers including: Ericsson, Fujitsu and Telia Company.

Sonja London

Sonja London – Non-executive Director
Sonja London is member of the Board for FusionLayer, Inc. Sonja has more that 15 years experience with intellectual property and licensing. She has held multiple senior level IPR positions within Nokia companies as well as being a member of the board of several different companies.

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